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GIFT School Softwares

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GIFT-TT Timetable Framing Software

Main Features
  • Combined Teachers ( 2 Teachers in same class ) Second Language ( Tamil/ Hindi) Extra Curricular Activity Periods (Art / Craft)
  • Combined Classes ( One Teacher in Two or More Classes) 9th A Hindi period is combined with 9th B & 9th C
  • Combined Subjects ( Higher Secondary Classes) E.g.12A (1st Group-Math's) with 12B (2nd Group-Biology) with 12C (3rd Group- History)
  • Uniform Period allotments for all the classes or some specific classes. E.g. Subjects like Mass Drill, Prayer etc.
GIFT-TT Timetable Framing Software - School Software
  • Uniform Class teacher's period allotments. E.g.Class teachers should be allotted in 1st or 2nd periods.
  • Conditional period allotments for Games. E.g. P.T. Periods should not be allotted in 4th or 5th periods.
  • Conditional Periods of allotments for Principal/Vice Principal. E.g.Should be free in 1st and 5th periods.
  • Fixed Period allotment details. E.g.Practical Periods for Higher Secondary Classes Fixed based on Availability of the lab.
  • Part time Teachers Period Entries. E.g.Part time teacher for subjects like Yoga / Dance etc.
  • Two different Sets of Work Allotments E.g. Std 1 to 5 - 7 Periods Per Day & Std 6 to 12 - 8 Periods Per Day
  • Different Combination of Timetable with same set of work Allotment and conditions.
  • Checking of total Working Hours per week details for the teachers.
  • The free periods equally distributed / allotted in both the Sessions.
  • Leisure Periods timetable for all the teachers.
  • Takes care of extra period allotments / duplicate periods
  • Stores the timetable for later use.
  • Divisions - Unlimited
  • Teachers - Maximum of 999 [ Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine]
  • Subjects - Maximum of 999 [ Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine]
  • One time investment.

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