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Students should not get dismayed of Failures

Students should not get dismayed of Failures

Former Governor of Orissa M.M. Rajendran advised students not to get disheartened by failures since they were only stepping stones for success.

"Every successful man would have faced difficulties in life. Meet the challenges with a brave heart and you can achieve success only through hard work," he said while addressing students of The Madura College here.

Delivering a motivational talk at the meeting organised by Rotary Club of Madurai North West in the college, Mr. Rajendran said that there were three categories of people - people who make things happen, people who know what is happening and people who do not know at all what is happening around them.

"You should always aim to be in the first category. You can make things happen only if you have perseverance," he said.

Stating that students who got the opportunity to go to schools / colleges were lucky, he pointed out that a large number of people in India had no access to education.

"It is only now that the National Knowledge Commission is taking steps to start more colleges and universities across the country. Your parents faced many difficulties and spent a lot for your education. You have to value this investment and make the best out of it for the sake of your family and the country," Mr. Rajendran who was also the former Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Government, said.

On globalisation, he said that it was wrong to presume that globalisation was a gift of the West and as if it had happened suddenly in India in the last few years.

"Since ages, this globalisation phenomenon has been in existence and it was nothing new to India. Knowledge was getting transferred through Persian region and the Eastern countries. To say that globalisation is taking place only now is an overstatement," Mr. Rajendran said.

He felt that the benefits of globalisation should reach all sections of people. "Today's youngsters must become responsible citizens and be considerate to the less advantaged people. Supporting the poor must be a priority," he said.

M.S. Meenakshisundaram, Secretary, Madura College, said that the objective of holding motivational talks in the college was to put students on the right path.

T.V. Krishnamoorthy, Principal, M. Yagnesh Bhatt, president, Rotary Club of Madurai North West, and K.R. Arul Shankaran, secretary, were present.

Students should not get dismayed of Failures

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