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Role of Literature in Technical Education

Role of Literature in Technical Education

The study of literature should be introduced in the field of technical education.

If reading is completely phased out of our technical education as it is being done, then it will have negative effect on our work force. Literature and culture should not be forbidden in the precincts of technical learning.

On the other hand, young engineers should be aware of the unconstructive consequences of unrestrained technology and educated about the ethical questions which are inherent in every technical advancement made.

Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed oblivious to the concerns of humanity.

Youngsters who are confident with the most sophisticated gadgets are unable to express the intricacies of their thought-processes.

It is the liberal arts which give one the skills to understand the increasingly complex world. Education should not be confined to science and technology alone.

In a world that necessitates interaction with other countries and cultures, educational institutions, corporates and industries spend considerable time and resources in imparting soft skill training.

But without literature and culture studies, they are unproductive and pointless. A judicious, complementary balance between 'literature-heavy' leanings and 'extreme language only' leanings should be found.

While today's professional skills focus on effective communication, attitude in the work place, values relating to self and others, etiquette and manners, case study, team work and group communication and public speaking, SWOT, all these and a lot more can be covered by merely a study of relevant literature.

A judicious mixture of excerpts from local and world literature can effectively illustrate motivation and professional skills. Language practice can include selected extracts from novels, stories and plays to illustrate case studies and show the human angle to all the problems.

Instead of proscribing a certain kind of behaviour, the consequences of following it can be shown through literature of the language. Ethics and etiquette can be better imparted with sessions of satire, humour and irony. Soft skill training should be infused with the sap of literature.

Literature can unobtrusively promote self-awareness and understanding that is crucial for harmony at the work place and impart skills to negotiate with colleagues through case-studies.

Also, study of literature will help the students resist the undesirable power of fundamentalist forces that may try to manipulate them.

Out of the cultural, functional or instrumental and the creative aspects of language teaching, Indians concentrate only on the instrumental part.

Every generation has the right to know and understand the experience of the previous generations and derive knowledge from them. Keeping a young, enterprising generation ignorant of great literature seems like a deliberate act of damaging mismanagement.

Role of Literature in Technical Education

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