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Model Syllabi being composed for Teacher Educators

Model Syllabi being composed for Teacher Educators

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is preparing a model syllabi for various teacher educator programs in the country, its chairperson Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui said on Thursday.

"It will be a suggestive framework for the programs of D.Ed. (Diploma in Education), B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) and M.Ed. (Master of Education). We will leave it for the examining bodies and universities to adapt it," he said.

He inaugurated a two - day orientation course on 'National curriculum framework for teacher education' and released an international journal of the Centre for Educational Research, Madurai Kamaraj University. He also paid tributes to K. Kamaraj on the occasion of the late Chief Minister's 108th birth anniversary celebration.

Prof. Siddiqui said that the initial exercise had been completed with a framework for early childhood, elementary, and M.Ed. programs.

It had been uploaded on the NCTE website for feedback from stakeholders. Based on it, the framework would be revised after a month.

Reading Material

The NCTE would begin work on improving the quality of study and reading material being used in the teacher education programs. At present, subject knowledge was viewed independent of teaching methodology with little effort to correlate the two.

Evaluation systems in teacher educational institutions were solely quantitative and lacked continuousness and comprehensiveness. With the government focussing on "universalisation" of education, teachers must be equipped to attend to learning requirements of students from diverse backgrounds, said Prof. Siddiqui.

On the new 'National curriculum framework for teacher education,' he said that the last framework came out in 1998. "The expectation from teachers has changed from merely teaching. Now, they are expected to play a role in enrolling and retaining students, orientating parents to ensure that they fulfilled their ward's educational needs and also work in social literacy programs."

The framework had been worked out keeping in mind all these factors. It was the outcome of a long - drawn consultative and participatory process, he said.

Speaking earlier, R. Karpaga Kumaravel, Vice - Chancellor, said that a curriculum had to take note of the social, economic and technological changes at regional, national and international levels. Speaking about the university's recent initiatives, he said that an advisory planning board had been planned for the Directorate of Distance Education.

Model Syllabi being composed for Teacher Educators

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