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MG University Official asked to go on Leave

MG University Official asked to go on Leave

The Controller of Examinations of Mahatma Gandhi University, Thomas John Mampra, has been asked to go on leave, for a month, by the Vice - Chancellor.

The action comes in the wake of Mr. Mampra's failure to implement the decision of the university Syndicate to permanently debar CMS College Principal M.M. Korah from examination duties.

On Saturday the Syndicate debarred Mr. Korah from examination duties for dereliction of duty. The Controller of Examinations was to hold the examinations scheduled for Monday at the college.

By the time Mr. Mampra reached the college, the Principal had distributed packets containing question papers to invigilators.

According to college authorities, the Principal had to open the packet as no one was present to hand over the duty.

The Controller arrived late and the packets were opened so that the examinations could be conducted on time.

Vice - Chancellor Rajan Gurukkal said he had asked the Controller to go to the college and take charge of the conduct of examinations.

"The university feels that the Controller should have been more alert. While there is no reason to believe that it was a deliberate act, it was his lack of vigilance that had led to the failure in implementing an important decision," he said.

The Controller informed the university that he had informed the Principal that he was reaching the college. The Principal must not have acted so hastily. The Vice - Chancellor will convene a meeting of the Syndicate sub - committee on examinations on Tuesday.

MG University Official asked to go on Leave

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