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GRE Traning goes Online

GRE Traning goes Online

Do as Romans when you are in Rome, so goes the popular adage. And it perfectly fits in the modern day scenario - learning online is more appropriate when the test itself is online. In the age of online tests particularly those meant for entry into international institutions, it makes all the more sense to prepare online and practise online.

With this precise concept, an alumnus of IIT Madras has conceived the idea of online Graduate Record Examination (GRE) coaching and it proved to be an instant hit with the GRE aspirants so much so that even NRI kids are attracted to it.

"It has qualitatively made its mark across the country and also in places where NRIs live," says Anand Kannan, managing director of ''

The online portal enables teaching, training as well as testing online - all with a view to boosting a student's ability to score in GRE.

The programme consists of an orientation call, a study plan personalised to the student, dozens of online sessions which can be done at the student's own pace, individual review and feedback after every session and unlimited GRE style adaptive tests.

Students are assisted by Student Facilitator and Analysts (SFA), who are trained professionals. Through data analysis, SFAs evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and provide scientific feedback to each student. "It gives the flexibility of logging on at our convenience. In institutes the batch timings are fixed but here we can fix our timings," says a registered student.

"When the very basis of the highly demanding GRE test is time, it calls for an intelligent technology which will coach and boost GRE scores by the millisecond. Understanding that every millisecond decides the best schools, we analyse one's individual aptitude and learning ability and help in improving preparation levels," Mr. Kannan says.

Mr. Kannan, who holds a doctorate from Purdue University, says thousands of students who have benefited since the last two years stand testimony to the fact that online learning is more comfortable and effective. "It's a virtual world and without any apprehension one can get doubts clarified."

A concept introduced recently is the week-day webinars at 6.30 p.m. on topics demanded by students. Mr. Kannan says they are also planning to keep the webinar archives online for the registered students to understand how other aspirants view the exam.

Programmes are designed differently to suit every individual along with attractive pricing modules.

"So students have the option of choosing plans as per their needs and convenience," he says.

GRE Traning goes Online

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