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CAT Aspirants

Are aspirants for CAT dwindling?

Applications for the Common Admission Test ( CAT ) 2013 for admissions to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management ( IIMs ) and other B-schools across the country have gone down in number. Around 2 lakh candidates applied till a day before the CAT’s registration window closes on September 26. Last year, 2.14 lakh candidates had registered for the test.

CAT 2013 is being conducted by IIM Indore. The sale of online and traditional vouchers ended on September 24. According to Rohit Kapoor, CAT 2013 convener, 1.16 lakh candidates have bought the online vouchers and nearly 86,000 candidates have purchased the manual vouchers. Total applications should come to around 2 lakh on the last date of registration, said Kapoor. For the first time, the online process for sale of vouchers was started. The figures show candidates prefer the online method rather than the conventional way of buying vouchers.

Except last year, the CAT applications in the past years have been dipping. In 2009, 2.41 lakh candidates applied for the test. This number dropped to 2.04 lakh in 2010. In 2011, 2.05 lakh candidates registered for CAT followed by 2.14 last year. Kapoor says the downward trend is not much of a concern. Across all IIMs, 115 seats have been added this year making a total of 3,335 seats. Adding the other B-schools who take up CAT score, there are around 5,000 seats. “With less than 10,000 seats across the B-schools that use CAT score, 2 lakh is still a huge number,” said Kapoor.

CAT will be conducted over a period of 20 days – from October 16 to November 11 – across 40 cities. Last year, test was held in 36 cities. The number of women appearing for CAT has been increasing steadily – from 53,700 in 2010 to 56,000 in 2011. Last year, more than 60,800 women appeared for CAT. The numbers are expected to go up this year. Additionally, female aspirants are achieving better success on the CAT, with 255 women scoring higher than the 99 percentile in CAT 2012.

Apart from the economic slowdown, experts pointed poor placements in IIMs as one of the reasons for shrinking numbers. In few IIMs, only 15-20% students got placement.


CAT Exam

CAT from October 16, test at 4 more centres

The Common Admission Test 2013 ( CAT 2013 ) for admission to top management institutes in the country will be conducted from 16th October, 2013 to 11th November, 2013.

According to a release, CAT vouchers will be available at selected Axis Bank branches from 29th July, 2013 to 24th September, 2013 and the registration window will be open from 29th July, 2013 to 26th September, 2013. IIM-Indore is conducting the test.

Importantly, this year, four new test centres have been added – Surat, Udaipur, Thiruvananthapuram and Vijayawada – increasing the total number to 40.

“ Getting to know the dates well in advance of the registration will enable candidates to prepare better,” CAT 2013 convener Rohit Kapoor said. During 2012 CAT, 2.14 lakh vouchers were sold and the number of registrations was 9,000 more than in the previous year.

CAT 2013 Result :

CAT 2013 Result will be declared on 14th January, 2014 from 9 a.m. onwards.

To know CAT 2013 Result CLICK HERE


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