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Alagappa University makes Remarkable Advancement

Alagappa University makes Remarkable Advancement

P. Ramasamy, Vice - Chancellor, Alagappa University, said that the varsity had witnessed tremendous achievements in all aspects during the last three year.

Speaking at Karaikudi on Tuesday, he said it had undergone significant changes in infrastructural, educational, financial and research scenarios.

The financial situation of the university was very strong.

Besides allocating huge sum for a number of infrastructural projects, a sum of Rs. 158 crore had been deposited in various institutions as corpus fund.

It could be used as a source of extending pension benefits to the old employees of the university and other developments.

The fund was just Rs. 75 crore in 2007.

Mr. Ramasamy, whose three - year term comes to an end on Friday, said a massive block especially for science had been undertaken at a cost of around Rs. 25 crore.

Almost 95 per cent of the works had already been completed.

In order to improve the quality of education, 70 new posts were created and five new departments started during the last three years.

Two departments were upgraded. Just a few posts were vacant in the university.

Mr. Ramasamy said eight acres of land worth several crore was rescued from an encroacher.

Massive compound wall was raised to bring under the control of around 428 acres of land of the university.

Twenty - four positions were created for Distance Education Division to improve the quality of education.

He said team work was a major reason for these achievements.

Alagappa University makes Remarkable Advancement

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