Goa University MCA 2017 Entrance Exam

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Goa University MCA 2017 Entrance Exam

Goa University invites application for admission to Master of Computer Application ( MCA ) Entrance Exam for the academic year of 2017 – 2018.

Goa University MCA 2017 Eligibility Criteria

Admission to the three year, six semester, full time course leading to the degree of Master of Computer Applications ( MCA ), is open to any Indian National satisfying all of the following conditions :

Candidates who have appeared for a degree examination and are awaiting results are also eligible to apply. In case such candidates are selected and their results are not available at the time of admission, these candidates will be given provisional admission. Such candidates will have to furnish the proof of fulfilling the eligibility criteria, preferably at the time of Admission but not later than 30th June, 2017, failing which, their admission shall be cancelled.

Students are admitted to the first year MCA programme once every year.

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Goa University 2017 Availability and Reservation of Seats

Goa University MCA degree program has total 60 seats, with distribution of seats and reservation policy*( may be subjected to change    ) as follows :

SC – 2% 1 seat PH – 3% 2 seats Other Universities 2 seats
ST – 12% 7 seats FF – 1% 1 seat
OBC -27% 16 seats General 31 seats

*The reservation is only for candidates from Goa. Candidates applying for admission under these categories shall be REQUIRED TO SUBMIT a VALID CERTIFICATE to that effect issued by the appropriate authorities.

Entrance Test Pattern There are 4 broad subject areas covered in the entrance test – Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning, General English, Mathematics and Computer Awareness. The Distribution of Questions will be as follows The question paper will contain 90 multiple choice questions covering the following topics : 

S.No Subjects No. of Questions
1 Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning 40 questions
2 General English 10 questions
3 Mathematics 30 questions
4 Computer Awareness 10 questions

Goa University 2017 Application Form

The application fee is Rupee 1000 and is not refundable.

Students must have a valid e-mail id. Those students who do not have a valid e-mail id have to create the same. There are 2 ways of making the payment

Cash Payment at any at any branch of HDFC bank

Generate & print the bank challan of HDFC and make necessary payments at any HDFC branch. Cash payment status will be updated after 48 hours.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Online Banking

Choose the payment mode as Credit Card / Debit Card / Online Banking and make the payment using one of these 3 options and ensure that you get a success message for the transaction. In this case there is no upload of any payment proof required

The following additional fees shall be charged by the bank towards online payment services :

Application fee once paid will not be refunded ( full or partial ) under any circumstances.

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Goa university 2017 Admission Procedure

The following procedure will be followed in selection of candidates for admission.

Merit List Round ( Round 1 ) : A separate merit list and waiting list will be prepared for candidates graduating from Goa University and those graduating from other universities. These lists will be prepared in the descending order of the score obtained in the entrance test and rules applied for breaking the tie. These lists will be uploaded on the University website www.unigoa.ac.in and displayed on the Notice Boards of the Department of Computer Science and Technology on 9th June, 2017.

No separate intimation will be sent to candidates. All the candidates whose names appear in the merit list must pay their fees and register by 15th June, 2017. Candidates in merit list who fail to deposit fees by 14th June, 2017 will lose their claim to admission and the same seat would be offered to the candidate in the waiting list.

Waiting List ( Round 2 ) : On 15th June, 2017, admissions will be offered to candidates in the respective waiting list ( in the order of merit ) against vacancies in the merit list. The names of these candidates will be displayed on the notice board of the department and on the University website. Candidates will have to make the payment of fees and register on or before 19th June, 2017, failing which the same seat will be offered to the next candidate in the waiting list.

Final round : On 20th June, 2017, admission will be offered to candidates in the waiting lists provided there are vacant seats. All candidates who are eligible for admission can report to the dept office at 11.00 am sharp. Admission will be offered according to the merit only to those candidates who report to the department along with the original certificates. First attempt will be made to fill these seats from the respective list in the order of merit. In case, one of the list is over, the seats will be filled by the candidates from the general merit list. The students who have been offered admission should pay their fees by 22nd June, 2017.

The candidates who are offered admission and fulfil the eligibility criteria should deposit full fees in the mode specified (instructions regarding the payment of fee will be put up on the website) Students whose results are not available at the time of admission, should also make the full payment of the fees after giving an undertaking that they are paying fees at their own risk and would be able to fulfil the eligibility criteria by 30th June, 2017. These candidates will be admitted provisionally

All those candidates who are admitted provisionally should submit the relevant mark sheets and passing certificates by 30th June, 2017, failing which their admission shall be cancelled.

The original copies of all mark sheets and relevant documents should be produced by the candidate at the time of admissions and will be retained in the department till the admission procedure is completed.

Goa University 2017 Syllabus

Goa University 2017 Syllabus

Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning – ( 40 questions )

The questions in this section will cover analytical and logical reasoning and based on Series, Relationships, Classification, Coding, Permutations and Combinations and Inferencing

General English – ( 10 questions )

Questions in this section will be designed to test the candidates’ general understanding of the English language. There will be questions on the following topics :

Comprehension, vocabulary, basic English Grammar ( like usage of correct forms of verbs, prepositions and articles ), word power, synonyms and antonyms, meaning of words and phrases, technical writing.

Mathematics – ( 30 Questions )

Set Theory : Concepts of sets – Union, Intersection, Cardinality, Elementary counting; permutations and combinations.

Probability and Statistics : Basic concepts of probability theory, Dependent and Independent events, frequency distributions, measures of central tendencies and dispersions.

Algebra : Fundamental operations in algebra, expansions, factorization, simultaneous linear / quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, determinants and matrices.

Coordinate Geometry : Rectangular Cartesian coordinates, distance formulae, equation of a line, and intersection of lines, pair of straight lines, equations of a circle, parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola.

Calculus : Limit of functions, continuous function, differentiation of function, tangents and normals, simple examples of maxima and minima. Integration of function by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction; definite integrals, applications of definite integrals to areas.

Vectors : Position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors, scalar and vector products and their applications to simple geometrical problems and mechanics.

Trigonometry : Simple identities, trigonometric equations properties of triangles, solution of triangles, heights and distances, general solutions of trigonometric equations.

Computer Awarness : ( 10 Questions )

Computer Basics : Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit ( CPU ), structure of instructions in CPU, input / output devices, computer memory, and back – up devices.

Data Representation : Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit ( CPU ), structure of instructions in CPU, input / output devices, computer memory, and backup devices. Data Representation: Representation of characters, integers and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, binary arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple arithmetic and two’s complement arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, Boolean algebra, truth tables, Venn diagrams.

Goa University 2017 Results

Goa University MCA 2017 Entrance Exam results will be declared on 9th June, 2017.

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Goa University 2017 Important Dates

S.No Events Dates
1 Online Availability of Prospectus & Application Form May, 2017
2 Last date for receipt of completed Application Form 2nd June, 2017
3 Entrance Test Date and Time 6th & 7th June, 2017
4 Display of the First Provisional List of candidates for Admission ( including the waiting list ) – ( Adm Rnd 1 ) 9th June, 2017
5 Last date for payment of fees by candidates in the First List. 14th June, 2017
6 Display of the Second Provisional List of candidates for Admission ( including the waiting list ) – ( Adm Rnd 2 ) 15th June, 2017
7 Last date for payment of fees by candidates in the Second List 19th June, 2017
8 Final list of candidates for Admission ( Final round ) 20th June, 2017
9 Last date for the payment of fees for those admitted in the Final round 22nd June, 2017

Useful link

Application Form : https://www.unigoa.ac.in/admission/application_form_mca.php?flag=1

Contact Details

The Admission Coordinator, 2017 – 2018,
Department of Computer Science & Technology,
Goa University, Taleigao Plateau,
Goa – 403206,
Telephone : 6519272 / 6519087 / 6519325,
E-mail : admission.mca@unigoa.ac.in / jdp@unigoa.ac.in,
Website : www.unigoa.ac.in.


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