Banasthali University MCA Entrance Exam 2017

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BUAT 2017 MCA Entrance Exam

Banasthali University Aptitude Test ( BUAT ) invites admission Application for MCA  programs for the academic session 2017 – 2018.

BUAT 2017 MCA Eligibility Criteria

For MCA :

For MCA II Year :

Foreign / NRI / NRI Sponsored Admissions :

A limited number of seats are available for Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored candidates. Admission against these seats are based directly upon the merit and the applicants do not have to appear in the Aptitude Test. The eligibility for Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored candidates is 40% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination. ( Except for B.Ed. where it is 50% and M.Ed. where it is 55% )

The following documents are required for admission against Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored seats :

Re-admission :

If a student is separated from Banasthali or Shri Shantabai Shiksha Kutir and in the event Vidyapith decides to readmit her, admission fee of  Rupee 5,000 / – shall be payable. The admission of a student shall be automatically cancelled due to unauthorized absence of three days or more. Absence without prior written permission from the Vidyapith shall be treated as unauthorized absence.

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BUAT 2017 MCA Application Form

Higher Education :

Vani Mandir, Banasthali Vidyapith,
Phone: 01438 – 228456 / 228975 / 228990

School Education :

For IX & XI :

Sharda Mandir,
Banasthali Vidyapith
Phone: 01438-228383

For VI :
Saraswati Mandir
Banasthali Vidyapith
Phone: 01438-228479

Online Submission of application is also possible on the University’s website.

BUAT 2017 Admission Procedure

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BUAT 2017 MCA Syllabus

i. Section – A : Mathematics :

Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progression. Permutation and Combination, Application of Binomial Theorem. Exponential and Logarithimic series. Matrix Algebra and Determinants. Trigonometrical problems on height and distance. Complex numbers and their properties.

Statistics : Measures of central Tendency, frequency distribution and probability concept.

Coordinate Geometry : Straight Line, Circle, Ellipse, Parabola and Hyperbola.

Algebra : Definition and simple properties of groups and subgroups, permutation groups, cyclic groups, Cosets, Lagrange’s theorem on the order of subgroups of finite group, Morphisms of groups, Cayley’s theorem, Normal subgroups and quotient groups. Fundamental theorem of homomorphism of groups.

Rings : Definition and examples of ring ( integral domain, division rigs, fields ), Simple properties of rings, subrings, and subfields, ring homomorphism and ring isomorphism.

Vector Space : Definition and simple properties, subspaces, linear dependence and linear independence of vector space, dimension of finitely generate vector space, basic of vector space dimension of a subspace.

Calculus and Differential Equations : Successive differentiation, Leibnitz Theorem, Polar tangent, normal subtangent and subnormal, derivative of an arc ( Cartesian and polar ). Expansion of functions by Maclaurin’s and Taylor’s series, Indeterminate forms. Integration of irrational algebraic and trigonometrical functions, Definite integral. Differential equations of first order and first degree. Linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Linear differential equations of any order, Maxima and Minima of one variable, Partial differentiation with Euler’s theorem and it’s applications.

Real Analysis : Description of the real number system as a complete ordered field. Bounded and unbounded sets of real numbers Supremum and infimum of a bounded set. Neighborhood of a point. Real sequences and their convergence, Cauchy sequence, Cauchy’s general principle of convergence. Convergence of series : comparison test, root test, ratio test Alternating series, Leibnitz test. Continuous functions and their properties.

ii. Section – B : Reasoning Ability :

Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning.

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BUAT 2017 MCA Results

BUAT 2017 MCA Result Date :

BUAT 2017 MCA Result Date : BUAT 2017 MCA Entrance Exam Result is likely to be declared in the month of  June, 2017.

Email Registration for Banasthali University 2017 MCA Results

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BUAT 2017 MCA Important Dates

S.No Events Date
1 Last date of submission of Admission Form 30th April, 2017
2 For Regular Applicants 15th May, 2017 ( With late Fee )

Contact Details

Banasthali University,
P.O. Banasthali Vidyapith,
Rajasthan – 304 022,
Jaipur, India,
Phone No. : + 91 – 1438 – 228787,
Email :,
Website :

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