Jamia Hamdard University MBA Entrance Exam 2016

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Jamia Hamdard University MBA Admission 2016

Jamia Hamdard was conceived as a seat of higher learning in Unani Medicine, Islamic Studies, Biosciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and other areas of knowledge by its founder as a means of fulfilling the objects of the wakf. Over a period of last ten years, Jamia Hamdard has emerged as an outstanding institution of higher learning with distinct and focused academic programmes. Graduate programme in Information Technology and Computer Applications and Post-graduate programmes in Information Technology, Computer Applications, Business Management, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy have been started in the last few years. Undergraduate programmes in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are being introduced from this year. Jamia Hamdard offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in several disciplines for which advanced facilities are available.

Jamia Hamdard University 2016 MBA Entrance Exam

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jamia hamdard university mba entrance exam


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