Rayalaseema University PG Common Entrance Test - RUPGCET 2016

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Rayalaseema University PG Common Entrance Test – RUPGCET 2016

Rayalaseema University is named after the Rayas of Vijayanagara Empire – one of the most powerful rulers of South India during the 14-16 centuries AD. Established in the year 2008, Rayalaseema University has completed 30 years under the stewardship of two great universities, Sri Venkateswara University and Sri Krishnadevaraya University. At present, Rayalaseema University offers Postgraduate courses – MA, MSc, MCom, MBA, MCA, and MEd – and research programmes leading MPhil and PhD Degrees at the University College. The University College offers 18 PG courses through 15 Departments. The University has 129 affiliated colleges of which three colleges were granted autonomous status by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

RUPGCET Entrance Exam 2016

Rayalaseema University invites applications for admission to PG Courses through RUPGCET 2016 Entrance Exam for the academic year 2016 – 2017.

Rayalaseema University RUPGCET Eligibility 2016

Eligibility Criteria for Different PG Course :

Course Eligibiity
MSc Biochemistry BSc with Chemistry / Biochemistry with any Biology subject
MSc Biotechnology BSc with Chemistry / Biotechnology and any one Biology subject / BTech Biotechnology
MSc Botany BSc with Botany and Chemistry / Biochemistry
MSc Chemistry ( Natural Products )
MSc Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry )
BSc with Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry ( studied for 3 years) and any two science subject
MCom General
MCom Professional
MCom E-Commerce
BCom or BA with Accountancy under Part II or BCom Computers / Computer Applications or BBA / BBM / BCom company Secretary ship or BCom ( Honors ) or BCom ( Restructured Courses )
MSc Computer Science BSc Computer Science / BCA / BA Computer Applications / BCom Computer Applications / BSc Mathematics combination / BA Mathematics combination
MSc Data Science BSc Mathematics with Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Electronics, Computer Science / BTech CSE, IT, Electronics / equivalent courses with 50% marks in group subjects.
MA Economics BA with Economics with 400 marks
MEd BEd / BElEd / DElEd with UG Degree
MA Educational Leadership and Management Any Graduate with 50% marks in group subjects.
MSc Electronics & Communications BSc Mathematics, Physics & Electronics BSc Mathematics, Electronics & Computer Science BSc Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science BSc Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
MA English Any graduate with English in Part I or Part II for a minimum of atleast 200 marks
MSc Mathematics BA or BSc with Mathematics
MSc Micro – Biology BSc with Microbiology / Chemistry and any two biology subjects
MSc Physics BSc with Physics and Mathematics
MSc OR&SQC ( Statistics ) BA / BSc with Statistics and Mathematics
MA Telugu Any graduate with Telugu in Part I or Part II or BA Oriental Learning in Telugu for a minimum of atleast 200 marks
MSc Zoology BSc with Zoology and Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry

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Rayalaseema University RUPGCET Test Centre 2016

Rayalaseema University RUPGCET Exam Pattern 2016

RUPGCET Application Form 2016

How to Apply for Rayalaseema University RUPGCET 2016

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RUPGCET 2016 Reservation of Seats

Availability of the seats in the University :

Course Seats under Various Categories
Regular Self - Financing Payment NRI / Sponsored
M.Sc. Botany 20 5
M.Sc. Biochemistry 20 5
M.Sc. Biotechnology 20 5 2
M.Sc. Chemistry (Natural Products ) 20 5
M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic) 20 5 2
M.Com General 30 5
M.Sc. Computer Science 30 5
M.Sc. Data Science 20 5 2
M.A. Economics 30 5
M.Ed. 40 10
M.A. Educational Leadership & Management 20 5 2
M.Sc. Electronics & Communications 20 5 2
M.A. English 35 5
M.Sc. Mathematics 30 5
M.Sc. Physics 20 5
M.Sc. Operations Research & Statistical Quality Control / Statistics 20 5
M.A. Telugu 30 5
M.Sc. Zoology 20 5

RUPGCET Syllabus 2016

Syllabus for RUPGCET 2016

In most cases, the syllabus prescribed for the Entrance Test is the Common Core First Year Syllabus of 2013 – 14, Second Year Syllabus of 2014 – 15, and Third Year Syllabus of 2015-16 of the course concerned as offered by the colleges affiliated to Rayalaseema University.

Test – 01 Biochemistry

Section A : Biomolecules, Physiology and Methodology
Section B : Enzymes, Metabolism and Microbiology
Section C : Molecular Biology, Immunology and Endocrinology

Test – 02 Biotechnology

Section A : Genetics & Ecology and Plant Physiology of B.Sc., Botany
Section B : Cell Biology, Genetics and Animal Physiology of B.Sc., Zoology
Section C : Organic Chemistry of B.Sc. Chemistry

Test – 03 Botany

Section A : Paper I ( Diversity of Microbes and Cryptogams )
Section B : Paper II ( Gymnosperms, Diversity structure and Development of flowering plants and Ecology )
Section C : Paper III ( Taxonomy, Palynology, Embryology and utilization of plants) Paper IV Physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics & Biotechnology )

Test – 04 Chemistry

Section A : Inorganic Chemistry of three years
Section B : Physical Chemistry of three years
Section C : Organic Chemistry of three years

Test – 05 Commerce

Section A : Paper I ( Business Economics ); Paper II ( Financial Accounting-I ); Paper III ( Industrial Organization & Management )
Section B : Paper V ( Banking and Financial Systems ); Paper VI ( Financial Accounting-U )
Section C : Paper IX ( Business Laws ); Paper X ( Income Tax and Practical Auditing )

Test – 06 Computer Science

Section A : Paper I ( PC Software and Programming in C )
Section B : Paper II ( Programming in C++ and Data Structures )
Section C : Paper III ( Modern DBMS )

Test – 07 Data Science

Section A : Paper I ( PC Software and Programming in C )
Section B : Paper II ( Programming in C++ and Data Structures )
Section C : Paper III ( Modern DBMS )

Test – 08 Economics

Section A : Paper I ( Micro Economics )
Section B : Paper II ( Macro Economics )
Section C : Paper Ill ( Indian Economy and Environmental Economics )

Test – 09 Education

Section A : Foundations of education, communicative English
Section B : Psychological foundations of education, Personality development
Section C : Educational Technology and Computer Education, School Management and Systems Education

Test – 10 Education Leadership & Management

Section A : General Studies and Current Affairs
Section B : English Language
Section C : Reasoning and Computer Literacy

Test – 11 Electronics & Communications

Section A : Passive Components and circuit analysis
Section B : Electronic Devices and Circuits
Section C : Solid State Electronic Circuits and Digital Electronics

Test – 12 English

Section A : A Course in Listening and Speaking I, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, One-Act Plays, and Grammar and Vocabulary Studied in the First Year under Part-I (A) English
Section B : A Course in Listening and Speaking II, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, One-Act Plays, and Grammar and Vocabulary Studied in the Second Year under Part-I (A) English
Section C : Drama and Novel Studied under Part II English of BA

Test – 13 Mathematics

Section A : Paper I Differential Equations and Solid Geometry
Section B : Paper II Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis
Section C : Paper III Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus

Test – 14 Microbiology

Section A : Paper I and II: ( General Microbiology, Microbial Physiology and Metabolism, Molecular Biology ).
Section B : Paper III and IV: Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Applied Microbiology.
Section C : Chemistry related to Biological Sciences; and Biophysical and Biochemical techniques.

Test – 15 Physics

Section A : Paper I ( Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations )
Section B : Paper II ( Thermodynamics and Optics)
Section C : Paper III (Electricity, Magnetism and Electronics) Paper TV (Modern Physics and Electronics)

Test – 16 Operations Research &Statistical Quality Control ( OR & SQC ) / Statistics

Section A : Paper I ( Probability and Distributions )
Section B : Paper II ( Statistical Methods and Inference )
Section C : Paper III ( Applied Statistics ), Paper IV ( Applied Statistics )

Test-17 Telugu

Section A : Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Telugu: Prachina Padyabhagamu, Adunika Padyabhagam, Navala and Grammar
Section B : Paper I Studied under Part-I (B) Telugu; Prachina Padyabhagamu, Adunika Padyabhangam, Gadhyabhagam, Drama, Alamkaras, Grammar and Essay
Section C : Paper I ( History of Literature ) and Paper II ( History of Telugu Language, Grammar and Dialects ) Studied under Part II Telugu of BA

Test-18 Zoology

Section A : Paper I ( Biology of Invertebrates and Cell Biology )
Section B : Paper II ( Biology of Chordates, Genetics, Evolution and Zoogeography )
Section C : Paper III ( Animal physiology, Behavior and Ecology )

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RUPGCET Result 2016

RUPGCET 2016 Exam Date

Rayalaseema University RUPGCET 2016 Entrance Exam will be conducted on May, 2016.

RUPGCET 2016 Result Date

RUPGCET Results 2016 likely to be declared in the month of June, 2016.

Email Registration for RUPGCET Results 2016

Please keep watching this page, to check your RUPGCET Results 2016…

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RUPGCET Important Dates 2016

Events Date
Online Registration and Uploading of Application 30th March, 2016 to 25th April, 2016
Registration with late fee of Rupee 500/- 26th April, 2016 to 3rd May, 2016
Last date for Uploading of Application 5th May, 2016

Contact Details :

Rayalaseema University
Kurnool – 518007,
Andhra Pradesh.
Telephone No : 9603236013,
Email : convenerrupgcet@gmail.com,
Website : www.rupgcet2016.org.

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