Dravidian University Entrance Examination 2016

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DUCET Entrance Exam 2016

Dravidian University invites applications from eligible candidates for entrance exam for admissions to the various Postgraduate ( PG ), such as, Master of Arts ( MA ) and Master of Science ( M.Sc ) in various disciplines for the commencing session 2016 – 2017.

DUCET 2016 Eligibility

S.No Department Programme Subject Duration (in  years) Intake Eligibility
1 Comparative Dravidian Literature & Philosophy M.A. Philosophy** 2 20 Any degree
2 Dravidian & Computational Linguistics M.A. Linguistics** 2 20 Any degree
3 Education B.Ed. Education 2 50 As per EdCET rules
M.Ed. Education 2 50 B.Ed.
4 Language Teaching Technology TPT* Telugu Pandit Training 1 50 As per LPCET rules
5 English Language & Communications M.A. English 2 40 Any degree with English under Part I or II
6 Folklore &Tribal Studies M.A. Folklore & Tribal Studies** 2 20 Any degree
7 Herbal Sciences M.Sc. Herbal Sciences 2 20 B.Sc. with Chemistry and any two subjects in Life Sciences
8 History, Archaeology & Culture M.A. History** 2 20 Any degree
9 Kannada Language & Translation Studies M.A. Kannada 2 20 Any degree with Kannada under Part I or II
10 Malayalam Language & Translation Studies M.A. Malayalam 2 20 B.A. Malayalam or any degree with Malayalam under Part I or II
11 Tamil Language & Translation Studies M.A. Tamil 2 20 B.A. Tamil or B.Litt. or any degree with Tamil under Part I or II
12 Telugu Language & Translation Studies M.A. Telugu 2 40 Any degree with Telugu under Part I or II
13 Tulu Language & Translation Studies M.A. Tulu 2 20 Any degree with Kannada language

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DUCET 2016 Seats Reservation

A. Reservation for SC / ST / BC Communities :

The seats are reserved for the following categories as per the relevant Government Orders of Government of Andhra Pradesh.

(a) 15% of seats in each course shall be reserved for the candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes.

(b) 6% of seats in each course shall be reserved for the candidates belonging to the scheduled Tribes.

  1. The seats reserved for scheduled tribes shall be made available to scheduled castes and vice versa, if qualified candidates are not available in the category.
  2. If qualified candidate belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes communities are not available, the left over seats reserved for them shall be treated as unreserved seats and shall be filled by the candidates of General pool.

(c) 29% of seats in each course shall be reserved for the candidates belonging to the Backward classes and shall be allocated among the five groups of Backward classes as shown below :

i. If qualified candidates belonging to Backward Classes of a particular group are not available, the leftover seats shall be adjusted for the candidates of next group. If qualified candidates belonging to Backward Classes are not available to fill up the 29% seats reserved for them, the left over seats shall be treated as unreserved and shall be filled up with candidates of General pool.

ii. No candidate seeking reservation for admission under the above categories be allowed to participate in the Counseling for admission unless he / she produces the Integrated Community Certificate prescribed by the Government, and issued by the Revenue Authorities in the Government.

B. Reservation for women :

(a) One third of the seats are reserved for women candidates in each category ( i.e. OC, SC, ST, BC, Special Categories and L / NL ). This rule is not applied if women candidates selected on merit in a category from one third or more of the seats therein. If there are no suitable candidates in a category, the seats will be filled with men candidates of the same category. Absence of adequate number of women candidates in a category cannot be compensated by giving more seats for women
in another category.

C. Reservation for special categories :

  1. There shall be horizontal reservation in each category ( OC, BC, SC, ST ) in each course for the following categories, to the extent indicated against them.
  1. Differently Abled ( DA ) – 3% ( three percent ) for Visually handicapped / hearing impaired / Orthopaedically Handicapped ( each 1% ) ( one percent ).
  2. Children of Armed Forces Personnel ( CAP ) – 2% ( two percent ) for the children of armed persons i.e. Ex – Servicemen, Defence Personnel including the Children of Border Security Force and the Central Reserve Police Force residing in Andhra Pradesh for a minimum period of 5 years.
  3. National Cadet Corps ( NCC ) – 1% ( two percent ) for National Cadet Corps candidates.
  4. National Service Scheme ( NSS ) – 1% ( one percent ) for NSS volunteer candidates.
  5. Sports and Games ( SP ) – 1% ( one percent ) for Sports and Games candidates.

If qualified candidates belonging to NCC / NSS / DA / SP / CAP categories are not available, the left over seats shall be filled up with candidates of General Pool.


  1. Local candidates only are considered for admission under the categories of NCC, NSS.
  2. Participation during the period of study of the qualifying examination is alone considered.

Priority I :

Priority II :

Priority III :

Sports & Games

Participation in the following games and sports only shall be considered under Games & Sports Category if certified by recognized bodies or associations :

Cricket, Foot ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Tennis, Kabadi, Shuttle – Badminton, Ball – Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Boxing, Gymnastics, Kho-Kho, Hand Ball, Chess, Cycling, Rowing, Body Building and Shooting.

Candidate shall have to produce the following documents :

  1. Certificates issued by a recognized Sports Body or Association.
  2. Group photos or paper cuttings, if any as a proof of participation of the candidate in the sports or games events. Special Categories Merit list will be prepared with candidates of Priority I arranged in the order of DUCET rank followed by candidates of Priority II arranged in the order of DUCET rank followed by candidates of Priority III arranged in the order of DUCET rank.
  3. When there is only one special category seat in a course, it will be filled as per the order in the special category merit list.
  4. When there are two special category seats, the first seat will be filled as per the order in the special category merit list. The second seat will be filled from the special category merit list by a candidate belonging to the category other than the category of the first candidate selected ensuring women reservation.
  5. When there are three special category seats, one seat is earmarked for each category. The first seat will be filled as per the order in the special category merit list. The second seat will be filled from special category merit list by a candidate not belonging to the category of the first candidate selected. The third seat will be filled from the special category merit list by a candidate belonging to the remaining category ensuring women reservation. The left – over special category seats will be filled by general open category.

Differently Abled ( DA ) Category :

  1. DA candidates should enclose the attested copy of the certificate issued by the Medical Board of District Headquarters Hospital or General Hospital of a Medical College. The Certificate should indicate the nature and extent of disability in percentage.
  2. At the time of interview, a differently abled candidate must submit the original DA certificate and appear before the Medical Officer of Dravidian University.
  3. Admission will be made on the basis of the percentage of disability as assessed by the University Doctor, but not according to the rank in the entrance test. Where disability is equal, merit in the entrance test will be taken into consideration for admission.
  4. A differently abled candidate will not be admitted into a course if the disability does not allow him to pursue the course to a reasonable extent.
  5. If there is no suitable candidate under DA category, the seat will be filled with a candidate of local open category.

Children of the Armed Personnel ( CAP ) :

The following priorities shall be drawn up with regard to the Children of Armed Personnel.

  1. Children of Servicemen killed in action.
  2. Children of Ex – Servicemen disabled in action and permanently incapacitated as a result there of in respect of disability pension.
  3. Children of Ex – Servicemen and Servicemen who have received Gallantry Awards in the following order. (a) Param Vir Chakra; (b) Ashok Chakra; (c) Mahavir Chakra; (d) Kirti Chakra; (e) Vir Chakra; (f) Shaurya Chakra; (g) Sena / Nao Sena / Vayu Sena Medal; (h) Mention in dispatches.
  4. Children of Armed Personnel ( combatant ) irrespective of the rank held by them.
  5. Children of other Ex-Servicemen or Servicemen who are eligible for pension.

If there is more than one candidate in any of the above groups, priority will be decided on the basis of DUCET 2015 rank.

Note : The candidates claiming reservation benefits under the above categories shall produce original documents in support of their claim to the Dean, Academic Affairs and he/she shall be entitled to refer the original documents of the candidates claiming reservation for scrutiny and confirmation, to the following authorities.

  1. NCC – To the Director of NCC, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Sports & Games – To the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Sports Authority of
  3. Andhra Pradesh ( SAAP )
  4. Differently Abled – To the Director, Medical & Health Services, AP
  5. Children of Armed Personnel – To the Director, Sainik Welfare Board, A.P.

(c) The priorities in respect of the special categories mentioned above shall be in accordance with Government Orders issued from time to time.

D. Reservation of seats to students from Other Southern States

10% of seats are reserved in each course ( other than professional courses like MCA / MBA / B.Ed, TPT etc. ) for each State ( Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry ) for which admissions are made through the Dravidian University Common Entrance Test over and above the existing seats.

The total seats for the M.Ed Course are 50 ( inclusive of other States quota of 6 seats, i.e., 2 seats each for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala ). If any of such seats are not filled shall be added to the common pool of M.Ed seats and allotted as per rules of reservation.

E. Local and Non – Local Candidates

  1. Students belonging to undivided Andhra Pradesh are considered local.
  2. Students belonging to States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry are considered non – locals.

F. Re – allotment of Unfilled Seats

(a) The open category seats will be filled up with General Merit students.
(b) The SC category seats will be filled up with SC category students.

  1. If SC (W) seat is vacant and not filled up it will be filled by ST (W) only
  2. If no ST (W) Candidate is available, it will be filled by SC / ST Merit Quota.
  3. If there is no candidate in SC category, it will go to ST category and vice – versa.
  4. If there is no SC / ST applicant and if the list is exhausted it will be converted into Open Category ( OC ).

(c) Any vacant seat within BC category will be filled up by other BC candidates.

  1. If BC (W) seat is vacant in any category, it will be filled up by other BC (W) categories.
  2. If there are no BC (W) candidates, it will be filled up by BC ( Merit ) candidates.
  3. If the total BC list ( in all categories ) is exhausted, then the remaining seats will be converted into Open Category.

DUCET 2016 Application Form

Instructions to the candidates for filling Dravidian University Application Form

1. Dravidian University application for entrance examination for admission into various courses during 2016 – 2017 is to be submitted in the prescribed form. A separate application is required for each course.

2. Candidates are required to pay the prescribed entrance examination fees of Rupee 300/- ( for General / BC Candidates ) and Rupee 200/- ( for SC / ST / Differently Abled candidates ) in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Registrar, Dravidian University, Kuppam payable at Andhra Bank, Dravidian University Branch, Kuppam ( Code 0001539 ).

3. The Application form must be filled in English only ( using CAPITAL letters ). Where the information is required to be filled in boxes, only one alphabet is to be written in each box.

4. Choice of Subject Codes : Each subject has been given a two letter code. Select the subject from the list given below and indicate the code of the subject.

Programme Subject Subject Code
Certificate Course Academic Writing CA
Certificate course Malayalam CM
Certificate Course Tamil CD
Certificate Course Tulu CT
Diploma course Malayalam DM
Diploma Course Tamil Language DD
Diploma Course Tulu DT
Diploma Course Yoga DY
P.G. Diploma Course Academic Writing (Malayalam) DA
P.G. Diploma Course Folkloristics DF
P.G. Diploma Course Translat ion Dl
P.G. Diploma Course Tourism DS
B.A. History, Telugu, Political Science HTP
History, Economics, Political Science HEP
History, Telugu, Sanskrit HTS
History, Telugu, Philosophy HTP
B.Com. (Comp.App) BCC
B.Sc. Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry BBC
Zoology, Biotechnology, Chemistry ZBC
Botany, Zoology, Chemistry BZC
Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry BMC
Mathematics, Statist ics, ComputerScience MSC
B.S.W. Sociology, Social Work, Psychology BSW
M.A. English EN
M.A. Folklore and Tribal Studies FS
M.A. History HT
M.A. Kannada KD
M.A. Linguist ics LG
M.A. Malayalam ML
M.A. Music and Performing Arts MP
M.A. Philosophy PH
M.A. Rural Development Management RD
M.A. Sociology SL
M.A. Tamil TM
M.A. Telugu TL
M.A. Tourism and Management TR
M.A. Traditional Theatre TT
M.A. Tulu TU
M.Com Commerce CO
M.Ed. Education ME
M.L.I.Sc Library Science LS
M.S.W. Social Work SW
M.Sc. Bio-chemistry BC
M.Sc. Biotechnology BT
M.Sc. Botany BO
M.Sc. Chemistry CH
M.Sc. Computer Science CS
M.Sc. Herbal Sciences HS
M.Sc. Mathematics MM
M.Sc. Microbiology MB
M.Sc. Physics PY
M.Sc. Statistics ST
M.Sc. Zoology ZO

Single application can be used for multiple courses by giving the order of preference of their choice from the any of the following two groups of PG Programs.

Group 1 : Philosophy / Linguistics / Folklore, Tribal lore and Cultural Tourism / History / Library Science / Social Work / Rural Development Management / Sociology.

Group 2 : Bio – Chemistry / Biotechnology / Microbiology.

Note : Each of the above two groups will have a Common Entrance Test. Preference will be given in admission based on the subjects studied in the qualifying degree.

Use the “Code” as indicated against each subject while providing the information against the column : order of preference in the application.

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DUCET 2016 Examination Centres

Dravidian University, Kuppam

DUCET 2016 Results

Dravidian University Common Entrance Exam Results likely to be declared in the month of June, 2016

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DUCET 2016 Important Dates

S.No Events Dates
1 Notification for Admission 28th March, 2016
2 Sale of Applications 5th April, 2016 to 19th May, 2016
3 Sale of Applications (with late fee of Rupee 50/-) 20th May, 2016 to 30th May, 2016
4 Last Date for submission of filled in applications 31st May, 2016 ( before 5 pm)
5 Common Entrance Test for PG candidates 27th June, 2016

Contact Details

Dravidian University,
Srinivasa Vanam,
Kuppam – 517 425,
Chittore Dist – AP,
Phone No. : 9550866176,
Website : www.dravidianuniversity.ac.in.

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