Acharya Nagarjuna University Post Graduate Common Entrance Test - ANUPGCET 2017

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ANUPGCET 2017 Entrance Exam

Acharya Nagarjuna University, Directorate of Admission ( ANUPGCET ) invites admission Application for  PG Courses  programs for the academic session 2017 – 2018.

ANUPGCET 2017 Courses offered

Test Code Test Name Code Course Name
101 Life sciences 10101 M.Sc. Aquaculture
10102 M.Sc. Biochemistry
10103 M.Sc. Biotechnology
10104 M.Sc. Botany
10105 M.Sc. Environmental Science
10106 M.Sc. Foods & Nutritional Science
10107 M.Sc. Microbiology
10108 M.Sc. Nanobiotechnology
10109 M.Sc. Zoology
102 Physical sciences 10201 M.Sc. Electronics
10202 M.Sc. Electronics & Instrument Technology
10203 M.Sc. Physics
103 Mathematical sciences 10301 M.Sc. Computer Science
10302 M.Sc. Mathematics
104 Statistics 10401 M.Sc. Statistics
10402 M.Sc. Statistics ( QR & OR )
105 Chemical sciences 10501 M.Sc. Chemistry
10502 M.Sc. Oils, Fats & Petro Products
106 Geology 10601 M.Sc. Geology
107 Integrated course 10701 M.Sc. Nanotechnology ( 5 Years )
108 Social sciences 10801 M.A. Ancient History & Archaeology
10802 M.A. Economics
10803 M.A. History
10804 M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication
10805 M.A. Mahayana Buddhist Studies
10806 M.A. Political Science
10807 M.A. Public Administration
10808 M.A. Rural Development
10809 M.A. Sociology
10810 Master of Social Work ( M.S.W. )
10811 M.H.R.M
10812 M.L.I.Sc.
10813 M.Sc. Yoga for Human Excellence ( 2 Years )
109 English 10901 M.A. English
110 Hindi 11001 M.A. Hindi
111 Sanskrit 11101 M.A. Sanskrit
112 Telugu 11201 M.A. Telugu
113 Commerce 11301 M.Com.
114 Education 11401 M.Ed.
115 Integrated course m.b.a. 11501 M.B.A. International Business ( 5 Years )
116 Physical education 11601 M.P.Ed.
117 P.g. Diploma courses* 11701 P.G. Diploma in Advanced Aquaculture Management*
11702 P.G. Diploma in Ambedkar Studies
11703 P.G. Diploma in Gandhian Studies*
11704 P.G. Diploma in Mahayana Buddhist Studies*
11705 P.G. Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence*
118 Certificate course* 11801 Certificate Course in Sustainable Aquaculture Management*

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ANUPGCET 2017 Eligibility

S. No Test Name Course Name Eligibility
1 Life Sciences 1 M.Sc. Aquaculture B.Sc., With Zoology / Fisheries / Fishery Science / Aquaculture / Industrial Fish and Fisheries / Any of the Life sciences as one of the subjects
2 M.Sc. Biochemistry B.Sc., with Chemistry or Biochemistry as one of the subjects
3 M.Sc. Biotechnology Bachelor’s Degree in Physical / Biological Sciences/  B.Sc.  in  Farm  Science  /  B.Sc.  Ag.  /  B.V.Sc.,  / Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences / B.E / B.Tech.
4 M.Sc. Nano biotechnology
5 M.Sc. Botany B.Sc., with Botany and Chemistry as the Two of the common Core subjects or B.Sc., with Botany as main and Chemistry as ancillary
6 M.Sc. Environmental Science Any B.Sc. or B.E.M. Degree holder
7 M.Sc. Foods & Nutritional Science Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences and Paramedical Courses
8 M.Sc. Microbiology B.Sc. with Microbiology or Botany as one of the Three subjects and Chemistry or Biochemistry as another subject
9 M.Sc. Zoology B.Sc. with Zoology as one of the subjects
2 Physical Sciences 1 M.Sc. Physics B.Sc.  Mathematics, Physics and  any  other  Third subject under common core scheme
2 M.Sc. Electronics B.Sc.    with    Mathematics,   Electronics    as    the subjects of equal importance
3 M.Sc. Electronics & Instrumentation Technology B.Sc. with Electronics / Instrumentation as one of the Subject
3 Mathematical Sciences 1 M.Sc. Computer Science Any Graduate program with Computers as one of the subjects of study
2 M.Sc. Mathematics B.Sc.  or  B.A.  with  Mathematics  as  one  of  the Three equal subjects or as main subject
4 Statistics 1 M.Sc. Statistics B.A.  /  B.Sc.  with  Mathematics  and  Statistics  as Two of the Three Subjects
2 M.Sc. Statistics (QR & OR) B.A. / B.Sc. with Mathematics and Statistics  as Two of the Three subjects ( or ) B. Tech. in any branch
5 Chemical Sciences 1 M.Sc. Chemistry B.Sc., with Chemistry as one of the Three equal subjects in Common Core System. Organic, Inorganic and Analytical specializations are offered in A.N.U. College. The candidate has to choose one of the three specializations at the time of admission
2 M.Sc. Oils, Fats & Petro Products B.Sc., Oil Technology, B.Sc. Oils / Soaps / Detergents or B.Sc. with Chemistry as one of the Subject
6 Geology 1 M.Sc. Geology B.Sc. ( Any Science Graduate )Note:   Preference   for   Admission   is   given   to Geology students
7 Integrated M.Sc. Course 1 M.Sc. Nanotechnology (5 Years) Intermediate  ( plus  two )  with  M.P.C.  /  Bi.P.C  as optional subjects
8 Social Sciences 1 M.A.Ancient History & Archaeology Any Graduation
2 M.A. Economics B.A. with Economics as one of the Subjects, B.Com.,B.Sc. ( Economics )
3 M.A. History Any Graduation
4 M.A.Journalism and Mass Communication Any Graduation
5 M.A. Mahayana Buddhist Studies Any Graduation
6 M.A. Political Science B.A.   with   Politics   /   Political   Science   /   Public dministration as one of the subjects
7 M.A. Public Administration B.A. with Public Administration / Politics / Political Science / Economics / Psychology / Sociology / Social work as one of the subjects ( or ) B.Com. / B.Sc. / B.B.M. / B.C.A.
8 M.A. Rural Development B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com.
9 M.A. Sociology Any Graduation
10 Master of Social Work ( M.S.W. ) Any Graduation
11 M.H.R.M Any Graduation
12 M.L.I.Sc. Any Graduation
13 M.Sc. Yoga For Human Excellence ( 2 Years ) Any Graduation
9 English 1 M.A. English B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com./ B.B.M. / B.C.A. / B.A. ( O.L. ) in Telugu / B.A. ( O.L. ) in Sanskrit with general English, Degree in Hotel Management, B.A. with Special English in the group subjects.
10 Hindi 1 M.A. Hindi B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.B.M. / B.C.A. with Hindi as a Second Language and An Oriental title Examination of B.A. Standard approved by the Government of India or any State Government, Like ‘Praveen’, ‘Madhyama Visharadha’ and ‘Vidwan’ or any other title recognized thereof.
11 Sanskrit 1 M.A. Sanskrit B.A.O.L. Sanskrit main / B.A.O.L. Telugu Main / B.A. / B.Com. / B.Sc. / B.C.A. / B.B.M. with Sanskrit under Part I or Part II, B.A. with special Sanskrit, Vidya Praveena / Siromani / Vidwan (With POL / SSC), BOL Sanskrit / Bhasha Praveena With POL, any graduate with Sanskrit
12 Telugu 1 M.A. Telugu B.A.   Special   Telugu,   B.A.O.L.   Telugu,   B.A.O.L.Sanskrit, B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.B.M / B.C.A. with Telugu under Part I or Part II, BOL Telugu / Bhasha Praveena with POL.
13 Commerce 1 M.Com. All B.Com Graduates
14 Education 1 M.Ed. B. Ed.
15 Integrated M.B.A. Course 1 M.B.A. International Business (5 Years) Intermediate ( plus two ) with any combination ofoptional   subjects   or   its   equivalent   ( including Diploma in Polytechnic ) or 2 Years I.T.I.
16 Physical Education 1 M.P.Ed B.P.Ed. degree ( not less than 55% marks ). There is arelaxation of 5% marks for those get 1, 2, 3 positions in State Level Sports / Games and those who have participated in the National Sports / Games. ( The course is totally residential Note: Admission will be made on the basis of the marks obtained in the Entrance Test and Weightage of Marks for Sports achievement.
17 PG Diploma Courses 1 Advanced Aquaculture Management Any Science Graduation
2 Ambedkar Studies Any Graduation
3 Gandhian Studies Any Graduation
4 Mahayana Buddhist Studies Any Graduation
5 Yoga for Human Excellence Any Graduation
18 Certificate Course 1 Sustainable Aquaculture Management Intermediate ( 10+2 Candidate )

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ANUPGCET 2017 Exam Pattern

  • Candidates can download their Hall-tickets from the website /
  • No candidate will be admitted into Examination hall without Hall-Ticket.
  • The Entrance Test will have 100 multiple choice questions and each question carries 1 mark to beanswered in 90 minutes. No Negative marks for wrong answers.
  • Candidates have to indicate their answers only on the OMR Sheet provided along with the Questio Paper ( Model OMR Answer sheet enclosed towards the end of this information brochure ).
  • Candidates have to bring Black Ball Point Pen  for marking on the OMR Sheet. ( Candidates arerequired to go through instructions given on the OMR Sheet for answering questions in the Examination ).
  • Books / Tables / Mechanical / Electronic aids / Cell Phones / Mobile Phones / Pagers are not allowed in the Examination Hall. Possession of these items in the Examination hall is an offence and disciplinary action will be taken by the Chief Superintendent of the Examination centre.
  • Candidate will not be admitted into the Examination Hall after a lapse of 15 minutes after commencement of the Entrance test. The Candidate will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall after lapse of 60 minutes of commencement of Entrance Test.
  • The Chief Superintendent of the Centre may take any disciplinary action against candidates resorting to malpractices in the entrance examination will be dealt with in accordance with the University rules.

ANUPGCET 2017 Reservation of Seats

a. Admission to various courses of study will be made on the basis of merit and subject to the following criteria of reservations.

Local Candidates : 85% of the available seats in each category in each course of study are reserved in favour of the local candidates belonging to the districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam. Candidates claiming reservation under this category shall have to enclose appropriate Form I or II or III or IV given Annexure-A and it has to be attested by the appropriate official. The attested copy of local candidate certificate need to be submitted at the time of counseling. The allotment of seats under this category will be done as per G.O.Ms.No.42, Higher Education Dept., Dated: 18-5-2009.

b. Statutory Reservations: (Candidates belonging to these categories should submit the permanent Caste

certificate in original issued by M.R.O.) :

  • Scheduled Caste ( SC ) : 15%
  • Scheduled Tribes ( ST ) : 6%
  • Backward Communities ( BC ) : 29% ( A-7%; B-10%; C-1%; D-7%; E-4 % )

c. Other Category Reservations :

  • Physically Handicapped ( PH ) : 3%
  • Sports : 0.5%
  • NCC : 1%
  • CAP (Children of Armed Personnel) : 2%
  • Women : 33.3% in each of reservation category.

d. National Integration :

One Extra Seat in each subject is allocated to the Students belonging to Other Sates ( Other than Telangana as students of Telangana will be considered as Non – Local ).

ANUPGCET 2017 Application Form

  • The fee of Application is Rupee  600/- ( SC / ST / PH- Rupee 500/- )
  • Online Application Starts from 22nd February, 2017
  • Last date for submission of Online Application without late fee is 10th April, 2017
  • Last date for submission of Online Application with late fee of  Rupee 1100/- is 20th April, 2017 ( Application Cost Rupee 600/- + Late Fee Rupee 500/- )
  • Last date for submission of Online Application with Tatkal fee of Rupee.1600- is 1st May, 2017 ( Application Cost Rupee 600/- + Late Fee Rupee 1000/- )

ANUPGCET  2017 Exam Centres

S.No Centres
1 Ongole
2 Guntur
3 Vijayawada
  • Candidate should mention the Centre code and Name of his  /  her choice in Online Application Form.
  • Candidates applying for more than one Test are advised to opt for the same Centre as there is a likelihood of clash of dates and timings. Requests for change of Test Centre and Subject opted by the Candidate in the Application Form will not be considered under any circumstances.
  • The final allotment of the Examination Centre will be decided by the Directorate of Admissions.
  • The Exact Date, Time and Venue of Test Centre will be given in the Hall Ticket. Candidates can download Their Hall Tickets and Schedule of Entrance Examination from the website  / The movement the above material is uploaded to the website; it will be informed to the candidates through SMS  /  E – mail.

ANUPGCET 2017 Admission Procedure

  • P.G. admissions are made under Choice Based Credits System in Semester Pattern with an internal component of 30%, without any supplementary examinations.
    • Hostel accommodation is available for all Girl students admitted into the University College.
    • Limited Hostel accommodation is available for male students of A.N.U. Colleges, subject to A.N.U. Hostel Rules.
    • University does not provide any transport facilities for any purpose. However, students can make use of the concessional APSRTC student bus pass facility.
  • 75% attendance of classes is compulsory. Condonation may be granted to only those who have put in at least 60% of attendance on production of evidence with sufficient ground.
  • If a student discontinues a course after admission, he/she will not be readmitted into the course later.
  • The student name will be removed from the rolls without any notice if he/she is absent continuously for a period of one month.
  • Students of this University are prohibited from simultaneously pursuing another full time course of study here or elsewhere or employment or profession.
  • Transfer Certificate ( T.C. ) and Conduct Certificate (C.C.) once submitted will not be returned.
  • Hostel inmates who don’t pay their dues regularly are liable for eviction from Hostel/ineligible  for readmission into Hostel.
  • If any student is found responsible for defacing the walls or damaging any permanent structures within the campus or destruction of University property he/she is liable for expulsion from the University / need to compensate the financial loses / liable for punishment under Law and Order.
  • ANU Campus is Ragging Free Zone and if any student is indulging is the act of Ragging, he / she is liable for prosecution as per Andhra Pradesh Anti Ragging Act Xxxvi Of 1997

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ANUPGCET 2017 Results

ANUPGCET 2017 Result Date :

ANUPGCET 2017 Result Date :ANUPGCET 2017 Result likely to be declared in the month of June, 2017.

Email Registration for ANUPGCET Entrance Exam Results 2017

Please keep watching this page, to check your ANUPGCET Results 2017…

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ANUPGCET 2017 Counselling

List of enclosures

The following Original Certificates are to be submitted at the Time of Counseling : 

  • ANUPGCET  2017 Application, Hall Ticket
  • ANUPGCET  2017 Rank Card
  • Transfer Certificate & Conduct Certificate from the college last studied
  • Degree Provisional Certificate  /  Original Degree
  • Degree Mark Memos of Three Years
  • Reserved Category  /  Permanent Caste Certificate issued in 2017 from Mee Seva ( for SC, ST and BC Candidates if reservation is claimed )
  • S.S.C  / Date of Birth Certificate
  • Intermediate or equivalent Certificate
  • Income Certificate issued in 2017 from Mee Seva  ( if fee concession is claimed )
  • Study Certificates ( from 9th Class to Degree final year ) /  Residence Certificate of last Seven Academic Years ( from Mee Seva issued in 2017 ) /  Form – I or II or III or IV as given in Annexure – A pertaining to claim of Local Candidate
  • Copy of the Relevant Certificates issued from concerned authorities if Special Reservation is claimed under PH /  NCC / SPORTS /  CAP
  • Migration Certificate ( Student studied other than Acharya Nagarjuna University )
  • Declaration form as given in Annexure-B
  • Two sets Xerox copies of above mentioned certificates and Two Passport size photos

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ANUPGCET 2017 Important Dates

S.No Events Date
1. Notification Released on 22nd February, 2017
2. Commencement of Submission of Online Applications 22nd February, 2017
3. Last date for submission of Online Applications without Late Fee 10th April, 2017
4. Last Date for submission of Online Applications with Late fee of Rupee 1100/-( Application Fee Rupee 600/- + Late Fee Rupee 500/- ) 20th April, 2017
5. Last Date for submission of Online Applications with Tatkal Fee of Rs.1600/- (Application Fee Rupee 600/- + Tatkal Fee Rupee 1000/-) 1st May, 2017
6. Downloading Hall-Tickets from website ( ) 1st May, 2017 Onwards
7. Schedule of Entrance Tests ( Tentative ) 5th May, 2017 to 7th May, 2017

Contact Details

Directorate of Admissions,
Acharya Nagarjuna University,
Nagarjunanagar – 522 510.
Phone No : 0863-2346138 / 171 & 9440258822 / 11,
Email :
Website :

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Application Form :

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