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AMIE IEI 2016 Entrance Syllabus will be announced shortly. Often visit this page for regular updates.

Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers – AMIE IEI 2016

The Associate Member of Institution of Engineers – AMIE is a Professional Certification given by Institution of Engineers, India.

The Institution Examinations shall be held twice a year, generally in June and December — termed as SUMMER and WINTER Examination respectively in the schemes as may be decided by the Council.

Only members of The Institution of Engineers, India are permitted to appear at the examinations conducted by the Institution in conformity with their eligibility and qualifications. Eligibility and qualifications for election as members of various classes are indicated.

AMIE IEI 2016  Summer Examinations of Sections ‘A’ and ‘B’ shall be conducted at 70 Examination Centres in India and abroad.

The Institution conducts the following examinations :

  • Section A ( Non – Diploma Stream )
  • Section A ( Diploma Stream )

Section B in the following branches of engineering :

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Textile Engineering

AMIE Examination in one or more of the above branches may be discontinued with prior notification. In addition to the above examinations, the Council of the Institution may introduce Section B examination in one or more of the following branches of engineering :

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Marine Engineering

AMIE IEI 2016 Exam Schedule

Program of Summer 2016 Section  ‘A’ and ‘B’ Examinations :

Day / Date of Examination Session Section A Section B
Non – Diploma Scheme Diploma Scheme Architectural Engineering  (Branch Code 03) Chemical Engineering (Branch Code 04) Civil Engineering (Branch Code 05)
FIRST DAY (SATURDAY) 04th June, 2016 FN AN 201 Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing AD 301 Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing AR 411 Solid Mechanics and Foundation Engineering AR 421 Ekistics CH 411 Mass Transfer Operations CH 421 Fuels and Combustion CV 411 Advanced Structural Analysis CV 421 Principles of Environmental Engineering
AN AR 431 Professional Practice CV 431 Transportation Engineering
SECOND DAY (SUNDAY) 05th June, 2016 FN AN 202nMaterial Science and Engineering AD 302 Material Science and Engineering AR 423n Climatology AR 433 Interior Design CH 412 Heat Transfer Operations
CH 422 Biochemical Engineering
CV 432 Traffic and Transportation Systems
AN CH 432 Petrochemical Engineering CV 425 Waste Management and Environmental Impact Assessment
THIRD DAY (MONDAY) 06th June, 2016 FN AN 203Computing and Informatics AD 303 Computing and Informatics IC 402 Engineering Management
AN AR 412 Construction Technology AR 422 Town Planning and Landscape Architecture AR 432 Mapping a Thesis Project CH 431 Polymer Materials and Technology CV 412 Design of RCC and Pre- stressed Concrete StructuresCV 422 Environmental Engineering – Processes and Management
FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY) 07th June, 2016 FN AN 204 Society and Environment AD 304 Society and Environment AR 403 History of Architecture CH 403 Chemical Reaction Engineering CV 403 Civil Engineering Materials and Construction Practices
AN AR 404 Building Services CH 404 Transport Phenomena CV 404 Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY) 08th June, 2016 FN AN 205 Mechanical Science AR 413 Theory of Structures CH 413/423 MechanicalOperations
CH 433 Industrial Pollution and Control
CV 413 Design of Steel Structures
CV 423 Air Pollution and Its Control
CV 433 Town Planning and Urban Development
AN AN 206 Engineering Physics and Chemistry AR 405 Quantity Surveying, Specifications, Contracts and Valuation CH 405 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CV 405 Water Resources Systems
SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY) 09th June, 2016 FN AN 207 Engineering Drawing and Graphics AR 406 Surveying, Building Construction and Material CH 406 Chemical Process Principles CV 406 Principles of Geoinformatics
AN AN 208 Electronics and Instrumentation AR 414 Prestressed and Precast Concrete Structures
AR 434 Computer Graphics
CH 414 Fluid Mechanics
CH 424 Chemical Process Technology
CH 434 Fertilizer Technology
CV 414 Structural Dynamics
CV 424 / 434 Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY) 10th June, 2016 FN AN 209 Engineering Mathematics AR 415 Structural Design CH 415 / 425 / 435 Instrumentation and Control CV 415 Seismic Design of Structures
CV 435 Construction Management Systems
AN AN 210 Electrical Science AR 407 Architectural Design CH 407 Chemical Engineering Equipment Design CV 407 Analysis and Design of Structures
Forenoon Session : IST 1000 h – 1300 h                                                            Afternoon Session : IST 1430 – 1730 h

Program of Summer 2016 Section  ‘A’ and ‘B’ Examinations :

Day / Date of Examination Session Section B
Computer Science and Engineering (Branch Code 06) Electrical Engineering (Branch Code 07) Electronics and Communication Engineering (Branch Code 08) Mechanical Engineering (Branch Code 11)
FIRST DAY (SATURDAY) 04th June, 2016 FN CP 411 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
CP 421 Parallel Processing
EL 411 Energy Systems
EL 421 Advanced Aspects of Electrical Machines
EC 411 Broadcast and Television Engineering
EC 421 Digital Hardware Design
MC 423 Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms and Machines
MC 431 Manufacturing Science
AN CP 431 Pattern Recognition and Image Processing EL 431 Control Theory EC 431 Sensors and Transducers MC 411 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
SECOND DAY (SUNDAY) 05th June, 2016 FN CP 415 Database Management Systems
CP 435 Software Engineering
EL 414 Power System Performance EC 415 Computer Networks and Communication
EC 425 Software Engineering
MC 421 Design of Mechanical Systems
AN EL 424 Electrical Power Utilisation
EL 434 Instrumentation Systems
EC 432 Industrial Instrumentation and Computer Control MC 413 Non-conventional Energy Systems
MC 433 Tool and Die Design
THIRD DAY (MONDAY) 06th June, 2016 FN IC 402 Engineering Management
AN CP 412 / 422 Computer Networks
CP 432 Theory of Computation
EL 412 / 422 / 432 Power Electronics EC 413 Microwave Engineering
EC 423 IC Design Techniques
EC 433 Biomedical Electronics
MC 412 Power Plant Engineering
MC 422 Optimisation — Theory and Applications
MC 432 Computer Aided Manufacturing
FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY) 07th June, 2016 FN CP 403 Data Structures EL 403 Power Systems EC 403 Communication Engineering MC 403 Mechanics of Solids
AN CP 404 Programming Languages EL 404 Circuit and Field Theory EC 404 Circuit Theory and Control MC 434 Manufacturing Automation
FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY) 08th June, 2016 FN CP 413 / 423 / 433 Operating Systems EL 413 High Voltage Engineering and Power Apparatus
EL 423 Electrical Drives
EL 433 Process Control Systems
EC 435 Control Systems MC 404 Mechanics of Fluids
AN CP 405 Pulse and Digital Circuits EL 405 Electrical Machines EC 412 Radar and Antenna Engineering
EC 422 Pulse and Digital Circuits
MC 415 Turbo machinery
MC 425 Computer Aided Engineering Design
MC 435 Production Management
SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY) 09th June, 2016 FN CP 406 Computer Architecture EL 406 Measurements and Control EC 406 Electronic Circuits MC 406 Manufacturing Technology
AN CP 425 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers EL 415 / 425 / 435 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers EC 405 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers MC 405 Thermal Science and Engineering
SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY) 10th June, 2016 FN CP 414 Artificial Intelligence
CP 424 / 434 Computer Graphics
EC 414 Optical and Satellite Communication
EC 424 Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Devices
EC 434 Signal Processing
MC 414 Internal Combustion Engines
MC 424 Design of Machine Tools
AN CP 407 Systems Analysis and Design EL 407 Design of Electrical Systems EC 407 Design of Electronic Devices and Circuits MC 407 Design of  Machine Elements
Forenoon Session : IST 1000 h 1300h                                                           Afternoon Session : IST 1430 h – 1730 h

Program of Summer 2016 Section  ‘A’ and ‘B’ Examinations :

Day / Date of Examination Session Section B
Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (Branch Code 12) Mining Engineering (Branch Code13) Production Engineering (Branch Code 14) Textile Engineering (Branch Code 15)
FIRST DAY (SATURDAY) 04th June, 2016 FN MM 411 Mineral Engineering MN 411 Advanced Mine Ventilation
MN 421 Mine Systems Engineering
PR 411 Manufacturing Science
PR 421 Facility Planning, Design and Maintenance
TX 411 Advanced Yarn Manufacture
AN MM 432 Welding and Allied Processes MN 431 Advanced Rock Mechanics PR 431 Materials Management TX 421 Advanced Fabric Manufacture and Design
SECOND DAY (SUNDAY) 05th June, 2016 FN MM 412 Fuels, Furnaces and Refractories
MM 422 Electrometallurgy and Corrosion
MN 412 Environmental Pollution and Control in Mines
MN 422 Economics of Mining Enterprises
PR 425 Work Study and Ergonomics
AN MN 432 Advanced Methods of Mining PR 413 Tool and Die Design TX 431 Advanced Chemical Processing and Finishing
THIRD DAY (MONDAY) 06th June, 2016 FN IC 402 Engineering Management
AN MM 421 / 431 Polymer Materials and Technology MN 414 / 434 Mine Surveying PR 412/432 Computer Aided Manufacturing
PR 422 Project Management
TX 412 Modern Yarn Production and Control Systems
TX 422 Non-woven, Knitting and Industrial Fabrics
TX 432 Garment Technology
FOURTH DAY (TUESDAY) 07th June, 2016 FN MM 403 Metallurgical Thermo- dynamics and Kinetics MN 403 Mining Geology and Development of Mineral Deposits PR 403 Mechanics of Solids TX 403 Textile Fibres and Testing
AN MM 404 Extractive Metallurgy MN 404 Exploitation of Mineral Deposits PR 404 Manufacturing Automation TX 404 Yarn Manufacture
FIFTH DAY (WEDNESDAY) 08th June, 2016 FN MM 413 Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
MM 423/433 Advanced Physical Metallurgy
MN 413 Electrical Equipment and Instrumentation in Mines
MN 423 Geostatistics
MN 433 Mine Planning and Excavation
PR 423/433 Quality Management TX 413/423 Engineering Design of Textile Structures
TX 433 Chemistry and Technology of Man-made Fibres
AN MM 405 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials MN 405 Mining Machinery and Material Handling PR 405 Production Management TX 405 Fabric Manufacture and Design
SIXTH DAY (THURSDAY) 09th June, 2016 FN MM 406 Physical Metallurgy MN 406 Mine Ventilation and Environmental Hazards PR 406 Manufacturing Technology TX 406 Chemical Processing and Finishing
AN MM 414 Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
MM 424 Materials Characterisation
MM 434 Foundry Engineering
MN 424 Quality, Reliability and Safety in Mines PR 415 Inspection and Product Control
PR 424/434 Operations Research
TX 414 / 424 Textile Machinery and Maintenance
TX 434 Energy Conservation, Environmental and Pollution Control
SEVENTH DAY (FRIDAY) 10th June, 2016 FN MM 415 Instrumentation and Control
MM 425 Ceramic Materials
MM 435 Mechanical Working Processes
MN 415 / 425 / 435 Mine Management and Legislation PR 414 Design of Machine Tools
PR 435 Operations Planning and Control
TX 415 / 425 / 435 Mill Organisation, Process Economics and Quality Control
AN MM 407 Metallurgical Design MN 407 Geomechanics and Mine Design PR 407 Design of Machine Elements TX 407 Design and Mechanisms of Textile Machines
Forenoon Session : IST 1000 h – 1300 h                                                     Afternoon Session : IST 1430 h – 1730 h

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    please once you let me confirm.
    Thanks & Regards:
    Pooja Jaiswal

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  16. Hi,

    The AMIE Section – A examination is held twice in a year – one in Summer (May / June) and other in Winter (November / December). The exams are separately designed for two streams i.e. Diploma Stream (Senior Technician Members) and Non Diploma Stream (Technician Members). To know more details, Please refer the following web page (http://www.winentrance.com/engineering_entrance_exam/amie/associate-membership-institution-engineers.html).

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    By Sanjit Balwant karande from Pandharpur. Dist SolapurYour comment is awaiting moderation.

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