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Computer Forensics – Admission Procedure


Computer Forensics – Admission Procedure : : Study Centres of Computer Forensics

Admissions to the Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security & Incident Response are based on an all India entrance exam.

Entrance Exam details are :-

  • The exam has duration of 2 hours and is computer based.
  • The entrance exam fee is Rs. 1,000.
  • The entrance exams are conducted online.
  • The scores of the entrance exam are valid for 1 year.

Job Potential:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for correctional officers, law enforcement officers and security officers is projected to increase as much as 35% through 2010.

Career Prospects:

  • Advisors to the web developers.
  • Advisors in the Ministry of Information and Technology or in Corporate Houses.
  • Cyber Consultant in an IT firm, police department or in banks.
  • Research assistants in a law firm.
  • Research assistants in a technology firm.
  • Security Auditors and Network Administrators in Technology firms.
  • Trainers in law schools and Multinational Corporations.

Real World Cyber Crime Investigations in

  • Income Tax Raid case
  • Source Code theft case
  • Cyber Sabotage case
  • Lottery Fraud case
  • Accounting Fraud case
  • Digital Signature Fraud case
  • Investigation Guidelines


Computer forensics experts are often called as “Cyber Cops”, “Cyber Investigators” or “Digital Detectives”. The cyber law market is growing fast and it will continue to grow beyond imagination. Every individual is a potential victim to cyber crime. Everything is becoming cyber and the concerns of maintaining security of the information on the internet is also growing. Therefore there are tremendous career opportunities in almost every field from law to the IT Industry. The need of the time is to utilize the vast potential of Information Technologies for peaceful purposes and progressive economic development of India.
The author is Faculty-Mechanical Engineering;

Government College of Engineering,
Amravati – 444 604,
( Maha ) – India.

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