Career Course : Cartoonist : Types of Courses in Cartoonist

Types of Courses in Cartoonist


Types of Courses in Cartoonist : : Potential Employers in Cartoonist

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) / Diploma in Fine Art
  • Diploma in Fine Arts
  • Masters in Fine Art (Illustration / portrait painting)

Basic requirements for being a cartoonist:

  • Excellent drawing skills
  • Keen observation
  • Developed imagination power
  • Analytical ability
  • Readiness to work very hard

Institutes offering related courses ( list is indicative ) :

1. Indian Institute of Cartoonists,
No. 1, Midford House,
Midford garden, M.G. Road,
Bangalore – 560 001.

2. Sir J.J School of Applied Art,
Dr. D.N.Road,
Mumbai Institute of Fine Arts and Design,
College Road, Chennai – 600 006.

3. Santhaan’s Chitra Vidayalayam,
C/O Chitra Kullan,
179 Singanna, Chetty Street,
Chennai – 600 002.

4. The Raye Burns School,
F 37, Narain Vihar,
New Delhi – 110028.

5. Faculty of Fine Arts,
M.S University of Baroda,

Soma facts to be known about cartooning

  • Father of cartooning : David Low.
  • Father of Indian Cartooning : K Shankar Pillai.
  • R.K. Laxman is Ramon Magsaysay award laureate for his contribution to the field of cartooning.
  • Some foreign cartoonists of world fame : Peter Arno, Charles Addams, Gary Larson, Charles Barsotti, Chon Day and Mel Caiman.
  • Some Indian cartoonists of world fame : R.K.Laxman, Irfan, Ranga, Sudhir Dar, SudhirTailang, Pran, Kutti.

Punch magazine of London is said to be the pioneer of satirical cartoons. R.K. Laxman’s common man of ‘You Said It’ fame featured in a commemorative postage stamp released by the Indian Postal Service on the 150th anniversary of the Times of India in 1988. Sudhir Dar represented India at the first International Cartoonists’ Conference held in London in 1970. Low cost, high quality animation production has made India an ideal destination for outsourcing.

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