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Career in Paint Technology


Career in Paint Technology

Have you ever noticed the excitement on a child’s face when presented with a box of paints? Give him a few blank sheets and he will lose no time in creating beautiful images on them.

If the paper is missing he is sure to head for the blank walls and beautify it with a splash of colour. Have you ever wondered what our great artists would have done without paints and its myriad shades. And have you ever wondered where these colours came from and who makes them? If not, then a whole big industry is waiting for you to be explored with lots of opportunities in it to build a colourful career. Colours no doubt bring beauty and life to the world. But for colour the world would appear drab and dull. As a Paint Technologist, you will lend colour to the imagination of people as your products find  application in a number of fields.

Besides satisfying our aesthetic sense paints are indispensable in our scientific world also. What will you do – to prevent huge dams from corrosion?

Today we have paints that won’t chip or peel and also paints that protect surfaces from rusting. Paints are a combination of various chemicals that deliver several functions. If you want to come our with flying colours, how about a career in Pain Technology. Paint is a substance composed of solid colouring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective or decorative coating to various surfaces, or to canvas or other materials.


Various chemicals are combined together to make a paint. Each particular chemical substance makes a particular function in the final product. Paint Technology is the discipline in which one studies about the various ingredients – resin, polymers, pigments, etc – that are used in making a paint.  One studies about the function of each particular substance used, on the final property of the paint. Different substrates and surfaces, depending on their unique physical and chemical properties, require different kinds of paint or coating formulations to be applied on them. One studies about the different aspects of Pain Technology application in this discipline.

Paint Technology application is a combination of processes – metallic and non – metallic surfaces are chemically treated and then coatings of paint are applied on them for the purpose of protection or for decoration. In the discipline of Paint Technology, one studies about the manufacturing of paints, the use of various kinds of paints and the techniques used for the application of paints. One studies about the various kinds of paints in the discipline of Paint Technology. One studies about paints used for houses and other architectural set – ups, paints used for automobiles, aircraft and marine vessels.

One also studies about high – performance, anti – corrosive paints used in factories and industries. As a Paint Technologist, one will have to work in a large number of areas. One will be responsible for developing new products as well as enhancing and upgrading the qualities of products which have already been developed.

One will be responsible for developing new colours and textures of paints. One will also be responsible for developing new techniques for the application of paints. One will be required to formulate special paints to meet each new specific requirement. A Paint Technologist has to develop different kinds of products to be used in different industries like, aircraft industry, automobile industry, household decoration, etc.

A Paint Technologist is required in different departments of the paint industry. Paint Technologists work in the research development department, production department, manufacturing department, technical service or marketing department and paint application department. In the research and development department, a Paint Technologist develops and formulates different kinds of paints to be used for different purposes and in different industries.

In this department, the Paint Technologist identifies and evaluates the suitability of various paints for various applications. The Paint Technologist also has to manage formulation efficiency, in this department. In the production department, a Paint Technologist monitors and improves the efficiency in the process of production. The Paint Technologist also ensures the safety of the workers and the environment in this department.

In the manufacturing department, a Paint Technologist analyses the different raw materials that are used in the manufacture of paints. In the quality assurance department, the Paint Technologist does the testing and analysis of finished products.

A Paint Technologist has a very important role to play in the paint application department. Here, the Paint Technologist has to determine, in collaboration with the paint supplier, the appropriate paint systems for various surfaces and substrates. The Paint Technologist decides upon the correct paint system by analyzing the service life of the paint, the environment system that the paint has to bear and the requirements of various customers.

The Paint Technologist also has to monitor the process of paint application in order to ensure that quality standards set for the paint system are met. In the marketing department, the Paint Technologist has to promote the manufactured products by campaigns and by educating customers about the benefits of the products.

The Paint Technologist has to explain to the customers about the right usage of paints and has to identify new markets for the products.

Paint Technology Eligibility :

Successful completion of the 10+2 or its equivalent level of education with Science is the minimum educational qualification required in order to go in for a B. Tech. ( Bachelor of Technology ) Degree in Paint Technology. In order to pursue a Diploma in Paint Application Technology at the Garware Institute of Career Education and Development in Mumbai ( Maharashtra ), the eligibility criterian is the successful completion of the 10+2 or its equivalent examination with at least 50 percent marks.

In addition, one has to clear a written test and an interview in order to get admission here. A B. Tech. Degree is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue an M. Tech. Program in Paint Technology. A Bachelor’s Degree in Science or related disciplines like Engineering, Medical Agriculture, etc., is the minimum educational qualification to pursue the Industry Program in Paint and Coating Technology at the Institute of Cheminformatics Studies in Noida ( Uttar Pradesh ).

Paint Technology Aptitude :

One should have a scientific bent of mind in order to go in for studies in Paint Technology. One should have an experimental bent of mind and be hardworking too. A profound love for colours is a necessary trait required in someone who wants to make a career in this field. One should have good communication skills and team spirit, since one will be required to work in close association with a host of other professionals in this industry.

Moreover, one should have good managerial skills so that one is able to lead teams in different departments. A good and pleasing personality is required of those who want to work in the marketing department of the industry.

Paint Technology Courses :

Various courses in Paint Technology are available in universities and institutes across the country. Diploma, Graduation and Post graduation courses in Paint Technology are available to the eligible candidates.

A Four Year B. Tech Program in Paints Technology is available at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai. The institute also offers M. Tech and Doctoral Programs in Paint Technology.  A B. Tech. Program in Paint Technology is also available at the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in Kanpur ( Uttar Pradesh ).

This degree course covers technology of oils, resins, polymers, pigments and dyes, organic solvents, paint additives, powder coatings, high solids coating, electro – coatings and other paint application techniques. Besides the core engineering courses with emphasis on chemical engineering aspects are also included in the program.

A Four – Year Degree Course in Chemical Technology leading to a B. Tech. Degree in Surface Coating Technology as well as a three – semester Post graduation Degree course leading to an M. Tech. Degree in Paint Technology is also available at the Laxmi Narayan Institute of Technology in Nagpur ( Maharashtra ). The Garware Institute of Career Education and Development offers a five – semester two – and – a – half years full – time Diploma in Paint Application Technology.

One can also avail of courses in Paint Technology by the mode of distance learning. A One – Year Course titled Industry Program in Paint and Coating Technology is available through the distance learning mode with the Institute of Cheminformatics Studies located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh).

Paint Technology Prospects :

The employment potential in this industry is huge. Job prospects are many for the one who is professionally qualified in Paint Technology. One will find employment in large paint manufacturing companies like Asian Paints India Limited, Shalimar Paints, Jenson and Nicholson, Berger Paints India Limited, Nerolac Paints Limited, etc. One will be posted in different wings of the paint industry like production department, manufacturing department or marketing department.

One may also be posted in the technical service department as a Technical Assistant or Technical Executive. In this capacity, one will have to visit the site when required. Moreover, one can also work in the research and development department, if one has an M. Tech. Degree under one’s belt.

Besides, one will also find employment as a Supervisor in the application unit of an auto industry. There is huge demand for Paint Technologists in companies which are into the manufacture of home furnishings like almirahs, refrigerators, etc. One will be able to find employment in such home furnishing industries. One will also be able to find employment in industries which are into the manufacturing of raw materials used in the manufacture of paints, and other allied industries like pigment or extender manufacturers, resin suppliers, polymer suppliers or additive suppliers.

The Indian Economy today is one of the fastest growing economics of the world. The paint industry, which is dependent on several industries like the housing industry, the automobile industry and the original equipment manufacturing industry, is growing by leaps and bounds, due to the growth in these related industries.

This has spread out a wide and prospective field for trained professionals in Paint Technology. Though India’s per capita consumption of paints is lower as compared to the developed countries, there is steady increase in the consumption of paints due to the boom in the economy.

Thus, growth in the paint industry is ensured in the near future with promises of employment for trained Paint Technologists. Growth prospects in this industry are further brightened by the fact that existing business houses are expanding their businesses, while large global players in the paint industry are entering into the Indian market.

Remuneration :

One will get a starting salary ranging between Rupee 1,25,000 to Rupee 1,65,000 per annum as a Paint Technologist, Chemist or Officer in a paint manufacturing industry. In some industries, however, the starting salary is over Rupee 2,50,000 per annum which goes to show that salary packages are very different across the industry.

There is increase in one’s salary as one acquires seniority in the industry. The sky is the limit to earn, if one switches over to entrepreneurship after gaining a few years of work experience.

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