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Career in Library Science

With the growth in the number of institutions of learning and those imparting professional training all over the country the need and importance of libraries is also growing.

Therefore, Librarianship is a growing field, which has by now attained the status of a separate discipline in the universe of knowledge. It presents challenges and interesting situations to library personnel. The management of these libraries needs persons with good academic and professional qualifications.

Proficiency in one of the natural sciences, social sciences or humanities is helpful in the professional development of a Librarian. What does a Librarian do? A Librarian’s work generally involves classification, indexing, cataloguing, shelving of publications. In addition it may be preparation of abstracts of articles / books and bibliographies. Further he has to guide readers in selecting books or in finding pieces of information from internal as well as external sources.


Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment opportunities. In fact, it is possible to choose the kind of library to suit one’s interest and background.

Persons with a superior record and high qualifications can achieve high positions. The salaries in college and university libraries are comparable to those of teachers. Indeed, the salaries of special librarians are high.

The bulk of job opportunities for the library professionals exist in :

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Specialised Research Institutions.
  • Research and Development Departments of Industrial establishments.
  • Specialised Documentation and Information Centres.
  • Government Offices.
  • Public Libraries.
  • Libraries managed by non – Government Organisations.

Now Information Technology has made it possible to have an easy access to information. It further helps in improving efficiency of functioning of the libraries and the entire education system.

With the introduction of computer based facilities like Compact Disks. Electronic – mail, Internet, etc, the field of library and information science presents exciting opportunities for work.

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  • I am doing Bachelor of library science. I want to get a job on this field after completing my course.
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