Career Course : Business Management : Career in Business Management in India – Eligibility

Career in Business Management in India – Eligibility


Career in Business Management Eligibility : : Courses Details of Business Management | Job Prospectus for Business Management

Graduate studies in business requires a good percentage in standard XII from any subject stream. However, subjects such as commerce, economics and mathematics would prepare a candidate better for business studies. Selection is either on the basis of class XII marks or through an entrance test. Postgraduate studies require a undergraduate degree ( BA, BSc. or BTech. ) in any discipline and clearance of entrance selection processes. A requirement of a minimum of two years of work experience is likely to be introduced for eligibility to most master’s programmes to keep them on par with international management courses.

Duration of Management courses

  • Undergraduate studies ( BBA ) : 3 years.
  • Postgraduate course ( MBA ) : 2 years
  • Part – time course ( MBA ) : 1 – 3 years.

Growth of Management Education in India during 1994 – 95 and 2006 – 07

1994 - 9531226,874
2006 - 071,13294,704

Region wise Distribution of Management Institutes and Intake ( MBA / PGDM ) Year 2006 – 07

S.No.Region No.of.Institute% age MBA/Intake Per PCDM InstituteAverage
1Central Region (M.P.Gujarat, Chhatisgarh)918.04%7,27580
2Eastern Region (W. Bengal, Orissa, JharKhand, North west)786.89%7,08591
3Northern Region (U.P. Uttarakhand, Bihar)13712.10%16,170118
4 Northern western Region (Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, H.P., J&K) 18316.17%14,09577
5Southern Region (A.P.Tamilnadu, Pondichary)374 33.04%24,85066
6 South Western Region (Karnataka, Kerala) 123 10.86%9,10774
7Western Region (Maharastra, Goal, Daman & Deu) All India146

Specialized National Institutions

The IIMs at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode ( Calicut ) are autonomous institutions set up by the government of India. They are rated as the premier business schools within the country and are reputed abroad for the caliber of their alumni.

State – wise Position of Management Institutes in India in 2006 – 07

S.NoStateNo.of.B - Schools% AgeIntake% Age
3Maharashtra14412.72% 15,91216.80%
12New Delhi332.91%3,5603.76%
14W. Bengal252.21%2,4452.58%
17J&K 80.71%4400.46%
23Pondicherry20.18%120 0.13%
26Nagaland 10.09600.64%
27MizoramNilNil0 0
29Meghalaya NilNil00
30Arunachal PradeshNilNil00
31Andaman & Nicobar Nil Nil 00
32 ChandigarhNilNil00
33Daman & Deu Nil Nil00

( Source : AICTE : Annual Report / Hand Book Table – 1/2/3 )

Comparing the pay package

Professional degree ruled the roost and Bachelors ( Professor ) and MBA’s were among the best-paid profiles in the lot. In the top managerial levels, Masters’ level qualifications also earned comparable salaries.

I. Sales / Business Development

QualificationBachelorsBachelors (Professor)MBA
Sales Executive2.352.51;2.76
Business Dev. Management7.148.579.01
Head - sales-26.5530.22

II. Marketing

QualificationBachelorsBachelors (Professor)MBA
Mar Communicated Management4.365.496.61
Marketing Management6.44 8.128.79
Chief Marketing Officer-29.08 31.87

III. Human Resource Management

QualificationBachelorsBachelors (Professor)MBA
Assistant Management3.263.293.73
Manager - HR7.928.53 9.88
Head - HR23.6327.3530.26

IV. Finance

QualificationBachelorsMaster (Professor)MBA
Accountant2.302.74 2.32
Finance Controller15.79 18.6923.63
Chief Finance Officer- 27.41 33.05

Experience and Type of B – school matter’s

IT employers showed clear preference for employees from Type A education institutes, ( MBA ) Types A institution include premium B – schools like IITs , IIMs and NITs etc. The salary premiums are as high as 50 percent in some cases. An MBA was a qualification sought after for the top managerial positions. Here again the type of institute played an important role in determining salary levels.

Importance of Experience

Qualification(Professor)Bachelors(Professor) BachelorsMasterMasterMBA
0 - 3 Year4.094.414.26 7.486.05
3 - 5 Year4.96 5.875.856.077.26
5 - 10 Year7.74 9.318.398.63 10.54
10 - 15 Year12.2115.3913.3218.7818.58
15 - 20 Year14.2721.2018.07 24.70 26.03

Note : All salary figures in lakhs. Salary figures used in this report are median of salaries in the particular job profiles

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