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General Knowledge in Science

General Knowledge Online Test Pack available for Practice

Physics Science
Basic Forces in Nature Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Electricity in Physics
Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Friction in Physics Gravitational Motion Physics
Hydrostatics Physics Inventions and Discoveries in Physics ISRO launch PSLV C7
Magnetic Material Milestone in Space Exploration Motion in One Dimension Physics
Nuclear Physics Photoelectric Effect Physics Physics of Surface Tension
Radioactivity in Physics Reflection in Physics List of Scientific Instruments
Scientific Explanations Thermometry Physics Transmission of Heat
Uniform Circular Motion Physics Units of Measurement Physics Units of Physics
Well Known Indian Scientistss Work Power and Energy in Physics X-Rays in Physics
Chemistry Science
Atomic Structure of an Element Alloys in Chemistry Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Cement Chemical Bonding in Chemistry Chemical Reactions and their Results
Chemical Changes in Chemistry Common and Chemicals Names of Some Compounds Different Forms of Carbon Allotropy
Dyes in Chemistry Electrolysis in Chemistry Elements Symbols and Atomic Numbers
Glass in Chemistry Important Elements and Compounds Important Chemical Processes
Important General Chemical Tests Important Laws in Chemistry Nuclear Reaction and Atomic Energy
List of Ores of Metals Oxidation and Reduction in Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements in Chemistry
Principles in Chemistry Quantum Numbers in Chemistry Radioactivity in Chemistry
Important Terms of Chemistry Water  
Biology Science
Balanced Diet Blood in Human Body Cell Organelles
Circulatory System of Human Body Cloning in Humans Different Branches of Science
Digestive System in Humans DNA and RNA Estrous Cycle in Humans
Excretory System of Human Body Gametogenesis in Humans Human Diseases
Human Endocrine System Menstrual Cycle Muscular System of Human Body
Medical Inventions and Discoveries Milestones in Medicine National Laboratories and Research Institutions
Nervous System of Human Body Origin of Life Pulmonary Volumes and Capacities
Reproductive System of Human Body Respiratory System in Human Body Respiratory Organs in Human Body
Sensory Organs in Humans Skeletal System in Human Body Some Important Facts of Human Body
Structural Organisation of Cell Test Tube Babies Top Ten Sciences

General Knowledge about Science

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