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General Knowledge in Indian History

General Knowledge Online Test Pack available for Practice

Ancient Indian History
Prehistory of India Indus Valley Civilization Vedic Period: The Aryans Mahajanpadas History
Buddhism in India Jainism in India The Magadha Empire Alexander's Invasion of India
The Mauryan Dynasty Central Asian Contact Kingdoms After The Mauryans Sangam Age in Tamilnadu
The Gupta Dynasty India Other Dynasties and Rulers    
Medieval Indian History
Mahumud of Ghazni Muhammad Ghori The Ilbari Dynasty or Slave Dynasty The Khalji Dynasty
The Tughlaq Dynasty The Sayyid Dynasty The Lodhi Dynasty Provincial Kingdoms
Religious Movements in History Vijaynagar Kingdom History Bahmani Kingdom The Mughal Emperors
Communal and Regional Uprisings      
Modern Indian History
Advent of Europeans in India Governor Generals of British India The Revolt of 1857 in India Social and Cultural Uprisings
British Viceroys of India Important National Activities National Revolutionary Movement History of Indian National Army
Indian Constitutional Development British Educational Policy and Growth of Modern Education Presidents of Indian National Congress Newspapers and Journals
Books and Authors Pre & Post Congress Nationalist Organisations Labour and Trade Unions Important National Leaders of India
Timeline of Indian Freedom Struggle Important Dates of Indian History Famous Battles in Indian History Important Wars of 20th Century

General Knowledge in Indian History

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